Heat Tracing

Just as every idea begins with a spark, we at nVent view the dawn of every sunrise as a new opportunity to ignite innovation. Our inventive solutions benefit customers around the world every day, keeping lights on, data streaming and trains running on time.

From heat trace cables to enclosures to critical equipment enclosures to vapor-efficient fastening systems, we empower customers to improve performance, lower costs and reduce downtime.

We are a $2.1 billion, high-performance electrical company with a dedicated team of 9,000 people and trusted brands such as CADDYERICOHOFFMANRAYCHEMSCHROFF and TRACER. Known for innovation, quality and reliability, our products connect and protect, consistently delivering value to industrial, commercial, residential, energy and infrastructure customers.

While our name may be new, our products have set the standards for quality for more than a century. Today as nVent, we are focused and forward-looking, ready to build upon our legacy. The future is now.

As the inventor of self-regulating heat tracing technology, we provide pipe freeze protection, process temperature maintenance and comfort heating. RAYCHEM solutions improve utilization, lower installation and maintenance costs, and minimize downtime. 

The Pyrotenax brand of mineral insulated cables and accessories for the wiring, heating, and temperature measurement industries. Applications include critical circuit cables for petrochemical, commercial, and industrial processing, critical life-safety circuit cables, pipe tracing, electronic controls, snow/ice melting, waterline freeze prevention, thermoelectric cables for temperature sensing and maintenance.

From concept to delivery and even during operations: we optimize your heat tracing projects for timing, budget and scope with a fully integrated approach – providing several immediate benefits:

  • Single-point accountability
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Highest safety standards and reliability
  • Superior design and change management