Electric Heat Tracing

nVent RAYCHEM electric heat tracing products provide reliable freeze protection and process temperature maintenance on piping and equipment. nVent RAYCHEM products include a wide range of electric heating cables – self-regulating, power-limiting, mineral-insulated (MI), and series resistant – connection components, installation accessories, and a variety of control and monitoring solutions.

Promac, Inc. is pleased to represent nVent RAYCHEM products for the commercial and industrial markets.


Industrial Unit Heaters

Hazloc Heaters is a global supplier and manufacturer of industrial and explosion-proof unit heaters and thermostats for hazardous and severe duty locations. Their unit heaters are fabricated in Canada.


Heated Emergency Stations

B-L-S Industries, Inc. fabricates safety shower equipment for industrial facilities. Their products include pre-traced and pre-insulated emergency eyewash safety shower stations and fully-enclosed safety shower units.